Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Lovely Day

Today has been such a lovely day!
First, it is cool outside ... FINALLY! Yesterday afternoon, a storm rolled in and cooled things down to 75, which was absolute heaven for those of us worn out by several months of 100+ days. At long last, the air conditioner is turned off (if only for just today) and all the windows are open, allowing for a nice, cool breeze to flow through the house.
Today, the storm lingers overhead and is dark gray to the east. I see flashes of lightening, rumbles of thunder and it was sprinkling on our drive back from school. The community parks have been "scalped" in preparation for "winter grass," and so in combination with the weather ... it actually FEELS LIKE FALL!
For our readers who don't live in the Phoenix area, I may sound silly gushing about these delights. But when just two days ago, it was 100+ ... after several long, hot months of being 100+ ... and when a cloudy day around here is rare (and a storm even more rare), I sure do get excited!

Aside from the weather, I delighted in the report from Christian's teachers today. He's becoming more vocal and speaking his own thoughts, rather than just repeating what is said to him. Today they told me:
  1. Christian said, "I need some space." There is a corner in his classroom called, "The Cozy Corner" and is a place where a child can go if he/she just needs to be alone. There was formerly a child in the classroom who was a bit aggressive with the other kids, and so the other kids were instructed to tell him, "I need some space" if they felt intimidated by him (knowing Christian, I'm sure he avoided the child like the plague). Today the classroom was loud and Christian proclaimed, "I need some space" and went to the cozy corner.

  2. The other day, Christian's teacher asked me if at home, he indicates when he's done eating (he does). I learned that at school, Christian doesn't indicate when he's done ... and that he'd sit there all day if he wasn't prompted by his teacher to get up. Today, however, at both snack and lunch, Christian got up when he was done eating and said, "I'm ready to go play."

  3. Christian's teacher was coming in late today, so he started off in a different classroom this morning. She told me that when she went to go get him, he was sitting on the floor with every book in the bookshelf on the floor surrounding him ... and he's been looking at every single book! That's my boy!

I'll have to come up with a blog post with his latest "Christianisms." He's been saying a lot of new word combinations lately. He's at such a fun age! :)

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