Monday, October 4, 2010

Muffin Monday - Mommy Style!

Unfortunately, Papa had to work today. So today's "Muffin Monday" was with Mommy!

Christian and I had breakfast at the Wildflower Bread Company today. As you can see, he really enjoyed his cranberry scone (okay, so it was a scone, not a muffin ... but "Scone Monday" just isn't at catchy as "Muffin Monday.")

Afterwards, we paid a visit to Coldwater Music School and spoke with the owner ... and promptly enrolled Christian in their one year Music Wonderland program:

Parents and children enjoy activites that introduce music concepts and sounds through listening, singing, movement, playful imagery and keyboard playing in a group setting. This course establishes an outstanding foundation for enriched study and skills development in the Junior Music Course.

What fun! Christian will LOVE IT! He was so thrilled to be sitting there playing on a Yamaha keyboard while I was talking to the owner.

The courses are usually Wednesday afternoons, but the owner had another parent waiting on a waiting list - and she was just waiting for one other child to join in order to form a new class. So, we are fortuante to have the new day be on Mondays at 9:30am. PERFECT!!!

A mighty fun "Muffin Monday," if you ask me! :)

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