Saturday, October 1, 2011

We Found More Trains!

In case ya'll didn't know, Christian LOVES trains.  And happily, we found a new train place in Phoenix to take Christian to.

Waiting with Papa for the train to arrive.

 Getting on board!

Anxiety starts to kick in when Christian sees Mommy won't be coming along for the ride. 

Christian decided the train wasn't for him.
Papa still wanted to ride the train, so Christian and I ventured off to the model train exhibit.

Papa returned from his exciting train ride (which broke down along the ride,
so I'm glad Christian didn't go after all.  It was a hot day).   We went outside to look at a larger model train.
We gave Christian a few minutes of doing that and then told him it was time to go.
WHOOOO LAWDY!   The fit Christian had ... unbelievable!

Papa's awesome solution?   On-site time out for three minutes.  
It worked ... Christian sat there and calmed down.

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Meesa said...

Awww....the picture of him in time out is tooo cute!! Looks like a fun little day!