Sunday, April 29, 2012

Our Fun Weekend

The summer heat is on its way, so we're out and about trying to have as much fun as possible before even walking outside becomes miserable.

Saturday, we went to the grand opening of a new fire station in our community.  We've been watching it go up for months, so it was excited to check it out.  Christian's biggest thrill was getting a hug from the Chick-fil-A cow! :)

Saturday evening was our neighborhood's annual Block Party at the park across the street, and Auntie Liz joined us.  It was the first time many of our neighbors had seen Scarlett since her early days, so several of them held her and she handled it like a trooper.

Christian was off playing with other kids - some he knew, some he didn't.   He's really come out of his shell - we love to see him play and not be so shy!

Sunday morning, we went to church ... and to the annual church picnic that afternoon.  Though, that wasn't the best time.  It was a hot day and we didn't know there wasn't shade.  Despite being a potluck, there wasn't enough food.  By the time Jonathan and Christian returned from playing, only desert items were left.  We dedided it was best to get the kiddos out of the heat, so we packed it up after just a few mintes and headed home.

But not before I got some cute pics of our little Princessa:

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