Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Christian's First Concert

Tonight Christian's school had their first-ever "Spring Concert."  Each class sang a song or two.

We weren't sure how Christian would do when he walked out with his class to find an entire lawn full of people eagerly waiting.  Thankfully, the school's owner stayed with Christian.  They all know him so well there, and do everthing they can to help ease his anxiety - and I'm always grateful to them for that.


As you'll see in the video, Christian didn't sing a whole lot.   And when he was able to come find us in the crowd, he climbed into my lap, put his head into my shirt and cried for a few moments. My poor, sweet little guy ... he was a bit overwhelmed!

Christian's frame of reference for a "concert" comes from a DVD called "Mater's Tall Tales." One of the segments is called, "Heavy Metal Mater," and Mater is the lead singer in a band, and during his song, he gets lifted high above the crowd at a concert. So, Papa obliged Christian's expectations and lifted him high in the sky.


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