Saturday, June 16, 2012

Christian and Auntie's First Date

Auntie Liz arrived today to take Christian on their "first date" together ... a day of fun together without Mommy and Papa. 

The original plan was for them to go see Madagascar III, but I wasn't too sure how he'd do without us.  So, their first stop was lunch at McDonald's.

Christian did just fine, and even ate his lunch without much prompting from Auntie!

He was still excited for the movie, so ... to the movies they went!

All week, he was very excited tthat he'd be getting popcorn!

He sat though the whole movie just fine!  Though Auntie said he started to get a bit resltess towards the end - but hey, he's four.  What kid isn't restless after sitting down for a couple of hours? :)

One last stop:  Cold Stone Creamery!

Auntie Liz has invited Christian on another date to see Ice Age 4 when it comes out next month.   Either that, or according to Christian, Auntie will be taking him to the aquarium.

I am just so proud of our little guy!  Though he sulked a bit as he headed to the car and left me in the house, after they left, he had a great time ... without his Mommy and Papa!    Our thanks to Auntie Liz for taking Christian out and about to some of his favorite places!

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