Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Christian's First Otter Pop

Believe it or not, Christian has never eaten an Otter Pop during his 4.5 years of life.  We still try to avoid giving him sugar (if you've been around him lately, you know he doesn't need the extra energy boost that sugar provides).

I still might have tried to get through one more summer without introducing him to the cold delight of Otter Pops.  However, I noticed that one of the treats at the upcoming Vacation Bible School is Otter Pops.  Christian is very particular about what he eats, and I didn't want him to decline an Otter Pop simply because he's unfamiliar with it.  I didn't want him to be the only kiddo not eating one.

He's not too sure he likes it ... yet ...

He likes it!  He likes it!

... down to the very last drop.

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