Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

We did things a little differently this year for Halloween: we didn't decorate the house and we didn't give out candy. We only had two trick-or-treaters last year anyway, and decided this year it woudl be more fun to just take the kiddos out.

Turns out, our little circle had a cookout at the park across the street, so we went to that and then they all gathered at the park to hand out candy, and we went about our merry way.

Christian was so cute as a shark and so very enthusiastic each time he got candy.  "Mommy!  I got CANDY!!!!" 

The temperature outside was perfect, which was a pleasant surprise as Halloweens past have been a bit warm here.  Scarlett tolerated the evening far better than we expected, too!

Both kiddos got lots of compliments on their costumes, too! :)

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