Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday to Christian!

Our lil' guy turns FIVE today!

Happy Birthday, Christian!

Five going on 15 (or so it seems sometimes).

Christian is a spirited, high energy kiddo. 

He's full of smiles.

He's VERY curious about everything.

And has a lot to say ... all the time. 

He loves to laugh, and make us laugh.

Christian has tranformed from a quite, shy little child to a boisterous, outgoing boy.  He no longer clings to me when I drop him off at school  We enter the room and he immediately takes of to play with his friends ... and usually doesn't have time to say goodbye.

His last haircut, dentist visit and doctor visit were (finally) drama free.  We hope that is a trend that continues.

He has an amazing vocabulary, which impresses even his teacher who commented that he not only has a large vocabulary, he actually understands the words in his vocabulary.

He still loves to read and in fact, reads to his friends at school sometimes.   I overheard an older child (sibling to one of his classmates) reading to some of the kiddos one morning.  His reading was what you'd expect of a child learning to read:  monotone, short and choppy.  By comparison, when Christian reads, his voice changes with what he reads, his words flow.   I'm just so proud of him!

He's imaginative and playful and walks around the house with his cars, toys and now, spaceships and makes all sorts noises to imitate what he thinks they would sound like. 

He is incredibly curious about everything.

He's an awesome big brother ... he absolutely loves his baby sister and has the ability to make her laugh like crazy.

He's also good at testing his boundaries, and often times, our patience.  Christian definitely has a mind of his own and a big personality that he's not hesitant to display.

He continues to be a picky eater.   It is nearly impossible to get him to try a new food, and he's even lost interest in some of his old standbys. 

He's got an incredible memory.  Some of the things he recalls absolutely floors me!

He loves to swim and is doing so well in swim class.   He's "this close" to moving up to the next level. We're hoping this weekend he graduates from his current level.

We're waiting to get him into a gynmastics class and hope to have him in some sort of martial arts class in the future. 

He loves church and his "AWANA" classes.  He's a star at memorizing his weekly Bible verses.

Our Christian is a wonderful little boy and we're all blessed to be his family for the past five years!

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