Sunday, November 4, 2012

Christian Goes to "The Next Level" with Swimming

We are just so proud of Christian!  He finally satisfied the requirements to move to the next level of swimming lessons!
In order to advance, he had to fall forward into the pool from the side, and swim around his instructor (who was standing up against the wall) to get back to the wall.  He had to fall in from his instructor's right side and swim around her ... and then fall in from her left side, and swim around her.   So basically swim a half-circle in both directions.

And with that, we met our primary goal:  Christian knows what to do if he falls into the water:  swim to the edge.   Any skills learned after this are a bonus!  Our next goal is for him to learn how to swim profeciently.

Christian has now graduated from the "Goldfish" class and moves onto the "Jellyfish" class.  That means a shakeup in the schedule.  For now, we'll have to move from the 10:00am timeslot to 11:30am.  Christian will actually get the same teacher, but Scarlett's teacher will be different.   In three weeks, a Jellyfish slot will open at the 10:00am session and we can move back to that if we'd like.

Not sure what we'll do.  While his teacher, Megan, knows Christian well at this point, Jonathan observed that for the week Megan had a substitute (Zach) with a differnet teaching style, Christian did really well and was doing different things than he was for Megan.  We tried to get Zach, but he doesn't teach on Sundays. 

If we go back to the 10:00am session, Christian would be with a different instructor all together.  So, we'll see ...

Christian thought moving to the "next level" would happen today, and so he got upset when we tried to explain his move would take place next week, since he'd already had his swim class for the day.  Because five year old have no concept of time, he simply didn't understand that he'd have to wait until next week.

Here's a video of the big moment! :)

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