Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Paver Project

Three years later, we've got some interesting stuff going on in the backyard!

Phase One was earlier this year when we had a drip system installed so that Jonathan wouldn't have to spend hours outside in extreme heat this summer manually watering our trees and plants.

Phase Two:  PAVERS.

Our original plan was to leave the existing patio as-is with the concrete, and just use pavers to expand the hardscape.   However, we decided it would look better to have all hard surfaces done in pavers ... and we are pleased we made that decision.  So for now, the actual extension is only three feet.

Early morning:  the materials arrive.

The pavers over the cement patio were laid down very quickly.

Preparing the raise ground for the three-foot paver extension. 

Miss Scarlett enjoyed watching the action through the sliding glass door.

There are cut-outs around the three pilars for plants.

Bella chekcing out the finished project:

We are so pleased with this project!  We had a choice of nine different paver sets.  It is hard to make a decision based on a 3x3 foot sample.  Turns our, the pavers match our house perfectly.  There is the brown color, which matches our outside stucco, there is the charcoal color which matches the color of our roof tiles, and a reddish/brownish color which matches the trim on our house.  PERFECT!

Stay tuned:  in the sping we're planning for Phase 3:   additional patio extension with pavers (and maybe some grass!)

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