Thursday, December 6, 2012

Strep Throat Strikes The Luceros

Well, we got through over five years of Christian's life without him getting terribly sick.  In fact, he's only had to go to the hospital once for illness ... until today.

Jonathan has been sick, himself, and missed to days of work.  Christian started with a fever and lethergy Monday night.  I kept him home Tuesday, Wednesday and today and when he wasn't feeling any better, I decided it was time to go to the doctor.   He was most unhappy at the thought of going to the doctor, and I had to work hard to remind him how nice Dr. Pyle and everybody at his office is.   Though on this day, Dr. Pyle was not available, so we saw the family practice doc, Dr. Bonati.

Jonathan left work and met me there.  Christian surprised me when he agreed to be weighed, have his pulse checked and his temperature.  I really expected a hysterical child ... and never got one.

His sats were low and his chest sounded off to the doctor, so Christian got a chest x-ray (fortunately, they can do x-rays at this office).  Christian did such a great job!  We were relieved to learn he did no have pneumonia.

Of course, Miss Scarlett had to check everything out!

And they did a strep test, which I was certain would come back negative, as he hadn't said a single thing about his throat hurting.  The test is a five minute test, but within one minute, it showed positive for strep throat.   And that meant antibiotics.  Christian doesn't take medicine well, and rarely gets it.

Sure enough, he was so worked up over having to take the liquid amoxicillin, that he threw it up.  Which meant he had to take it again.  It stayed down this time.

Our poor lil' guy ... he's never been this sick before and it is just so sad!

Naturally, I was concerned that Scarlett would get sick.  But Dr. Bonati assured us she's too young to get strep throat.  WHEW!!

Hope the antibiotics and Tylenol work miracles overnight.  If not, and if his fever is still high, then he'll have to go to Phoenix Children's Hospital for IV hydration. :(   

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