Friday, December 7, 2012

The Next Day ...

Christian awoke a much cooler lil' guy ... and by that, I mean his fever is gone!  YES!!  No visit to Phoenix Children's Hospital.

We got a call from Dr. Bonati's office to see how Christian was feeling.  I told her he's still go a cough, and she could hear him in the background.  Based on how the cough sounded, she asked me to bring him in for a "breathing treatment."   Oh boy ... I wasn't sure what that meant, or how well Christian would handle it.

The breathing treatment was albuterol via a Nebulizer - a new experience for us.  Christian was extremely hesitant and anxious.  The nurse walked out with Scarlett, who was getting upset, and that gave Mommy and Chrisitan some time to just work it out.  He eventually accepted the nebulizer treatment ... and we left with a nebulizer of our very own.   He'll need treatements every 4 - 6 hours through Sunday ... in addition to the antibiotics.

*sigh* ... not too sure how this is all going to work out.  I'm hoping he just accepts its how things have to be for a few days.

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