Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Road to Wellness is Paved with VIruses

Just when I thought the Luceros were well.   Um, nope.

Wednesday night, Scarlett threw up.  We assumed it was from a few bites of feta cheese she tried.  It may have been, but on Thursday, she threw up numerous times.  By Friday, I was getting concerned and tried to get her into the doctor.  I called first thing in the morning, and was told neither doc could see her, and I should take her to urgent care.

But then she stopped throwing up and seemed to be fine.   By late afternoon, she was vomiting again and I made her an appointment for this morning.

Enter Christian.   He called out to us around 4:00am, and had thrown up in his bed.

We got both kiddos into the doctor today and learned that Scarlett has a virus, and Christian, whose immunity was knocked out by the antibiotics, was more susceptible to getting Scarlett's virus.  Poor Christian threw up four times before getting to the doctor.  He was giving an anti-vomiting pill and then a few minutes later, threw up.

Aside from the anti-vomiting pill, nothing can be given to my poor kiddos.  We just have to ride this virus out.   Happily, Scarlett seems to be on the mend and now we're waiting for Christian to get the diarrhea stage of this illness.

The doctor doesn't think Jonathan or I will get sick, as this is a bug that affects kiddos most.  But Jonathan is on antibiotics for an eye issue, so that means his immunity is down a bit.  

Hope we're all well for Christmas!

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