Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait (and wait, and wait, and wait ...)

After a few very small landscaping projects, the time has come for a BIG landscaping project to start this week!  We are soooo excited!   We'll be getting an extension to the patio and a LARGE section of artificial grass.

Artificial grass used to be so very expensive, and people typically got a little "island" of the grass because that was all they could afford.  For example, here is an arial shot of a house down the way.  It is a cute little patch of grass, but awfully small.   And I have seen smaller ...

We wanted a large chunk of grass, and turns out it is ON SALE, so the timing is perfect!   We will still have large sections of the yard that are unfinished (or, one could argue they ARE finished in the style of the natural desert landscape:  rocks, dirt and weeds).   But this phase of the landscaping project is HUGE.  HUGE!!!

Here are the before pictures.

Work beings tomorrow, April 3.  Stay tuned!!!!

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