Saturday, April 5, 2014

My Middle School Sweetheart - Rick Springfield

Rewind:  It was the 1980s and I was a pre-teen/teen obsessed with Rick Springfield.   Oh how I loved Rick Springfield!

Fast forward to today:  Rick Springfield is 64 (yikes!) and still making music!   For our community's Annual Founder's Day celebration - and 10 year anniversary - they brought in Rick Springfield to put on a free concert.

Oh man, I was excited!  And Jonathan agreed to stay home with the kiddos (after all, he truly had no interest in seeing Rick Springfield anyway).  

As I watched the concert, all giddy to be seeing my childhood heartthrob, this list came to mind:

Jennifer at a concert 20 years ago:
• Paid big bucks for the ticket
• Dressed in my trendiest of clothing
• Uncomfortable shoes
• Lots of makeup and perfume
• Hair perfectly done
• An adult beverage (or two or three)
• Didn’t matter when I got home afterwards

Jennifer at a concert in 2014

• Free concert in the park (Rick Springfield!)
• Dressed in yoga pants and a hoodie
• Comfortable running shoes
• Makeup and perfume were applied that morning – and not reapplied
• Bangs simply pulled back in a clippie
• No adult beverages
• My husband is on-call this week, which made me on-call during the concert. I had to be ready to run home at a moment’s notice.

A friend of mine won backstage passes to meet Rick Springfield.  I admit:  I was envious!   But then it ocurred to me that I hadn't dressed myself up for this concert.  Looking like THIS was no how I wanted to meet THE Rick Springfield.  

Turns out, meeting the man was a big disappointment for my friend.  He said NOTHING to her.  Not even hello. He paused for one blurry mobile phone photo and left.  And that was it. 

As for me, I got some semi-decent pictures on my phone ... but of all, I had a blast - esp. after we made our way to the front and got to sing along with Jessie's Girl ... just 10 feet or so away from Rick Springfield.  GOOD TIMES!! :)

Three happy "old ladies" loving us some Rick Springfield

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