Sunday, May 11, 2014

It is the Little (Stinky) Things That Count ...

Christian is now 6 1/2 and sometimes I still feel like he's potty training because he rarely initiates going to the bathroom, and he goes poop once a day - with Jonathan present and while sitting on the potty seat that goes over our adult toilet.  That potty seat is designed for toddlers learning how to go potty.

But, we have just made a big leap and I am so excited I had to do a blog post about it.

One day last week, we arrived home and he disappeared down the hall for a few minutes.  When he eventually returned to the living room, he was very excited, "Mommy, I went poo poo in the toilet all by myself!!!"

Naturally, I thought the translation was:  "Mommy, I had an accident."  Nope!

He proudly showed me his deposit in the toilet and pointed out that he sat on the toilet without the toddler seat.   I simply could not believe it!

And today it happened again.  We sent him to go potty and he returned after a few minutes, announcing the'd gone poo poo all by himself.  And sure enough, he had!

He has also been announcing that he needs to go potty and runs down the hall.  He is finally initiating bathroom breaks!

And that, dear readers, is a very exciting development in this household!

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