Thursday, October 30, 2014

Christian's Kindergarten V2.0 School Picture

Here is Christian's school picture for this year!

Although he's still cute as a bug, I'm a bit disappointed they didn't fix his hair, and that the photographer didn't notice Christian was not looking at the camera - not sure what he's looking at there.

(You can very nicely see his adult teeth in this pic!!   We went to the dentist the other day, and he's going to need some orthodontics in the next few months to create more space for his teeth to come in, as there just isn't any room for more teeth - and there are lots more teeth to come.   Once that space is created and all of his teeth have grown in, he will need braces.   So two rounds of orthodontics are in store for our lad.   Shhh ... he doesn't know yet.)

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