Thursday, August 18, 2016

An Unexpected Gift to Remember Bella

Sometimes I am absolutely amazed by the kindness people have inside them.

The day after Bella died, three of my friends came together to bring us flowers, baked goods and a sweet card.

Last night, a woman I know only very casually - and saw a the pool yesterday - messaged me to say she'd left something on our front porch. 

Jonathan and I were beside ourselves.

I had no idea where she got Bella's picture.  Initially I assumed she must have looked through my FaceBook photos to find it.  But, I had been looking through my photos myself with the hopes of finding a picture of Bella, but there were none.

Turns out, she went to Jonathan's Facebook page and found one in his collection of photos.  They aren't even "Facebook friends."   I was really impressed with her successful search to find a pic of Bella.

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