Sunday, August 21, 2016

Out of the Mouths of Babes: Scarlett's Statement on Bella

Today Jonathan is taking the kids to a movie while I host an event at our home that has been planned for several weeks.    Last week on this day, we had gone to church, swimming lessons, a movie and lunch ... and then we returned home to find Bella.

Scarlett (4,5) said something so interesting:

Scarlett:  "You know what?  When we go to the movies tomorrow, Auntie Liz can come watch Bella."

Jonathan and I look at each other ... and he says to her gently, "Scarlett, Bella is gone."

Scarlett:  "Yeah, but ... if Auntie Liz stays with Bella and watches her, then she won't die."

*sigh* Scarlett understands Bella is gone, BUT she doesn't understand time or permanence.   She thinks that because today's activities will be similar (the movie in particular) that there will simply be a different outcome if Auntie Liz is here to be with Bella, rather than Bella staying home alone.

Ah, my sweet girl ... if only we could turn back the clock on do things differently a week ago ... if only ...

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