Monday, February 28, 2011

At last ... SUCCESS!! Yay for the Red Cup!

On Friday, the powers that be at Christian's school decided that since he's been staying dry at school, he could visit the coveted preschool room. I reminded them that he's not actually going potty, and so our potty training is not actually working. But, they are satisfied that he's staying dry. So he got to spend about an hour and a half with the preschool class.

So, Friday evening, we decided we were going "cold turkey" on the potty training. And that meant underwear all the time - except at bedtime and naptime (no need in interrupting successful slumber!). And I also declared that while we were "out and about," we'd use pull-ups. However, Jonathan reminded me that we really need to be using underwear - even when out and about.

On Friday, we went out to eat and Christian had no accidents. Saturday we went to a town about 45 minutes away, and had lots of fun, and had no accidents. Yesterday, we went to a bookstore and lunch and remained accident free.

At home wasn't so accident free, so we spent all of our time at home focused on potty time. And if Christian wasn't focused, we sure were ... always watching his underware for signs of wetnesses. Always asking if he need to go pee pee. Always waiting for an accident.

It was frustrating. He'd hold his urine for hours, and we'd KNOW he has to go ... and then we'd hang out on the potty and nothing would happen. Put the underware back on him, and he'd go.
Today was Muffin Monday and Jonathan braved a morning of the outside world with Christian in underwear. They went to several places today, and Christian stayed dry. They came home and convinced that Christian was going to go pee any minute, Jonathan stayed with him like white on rice.

We've got a "red cup" (a small red pitcher) that Jonathan keeps nearby in case Christian starts to go. Jonathan was either in the potty or watching Christian like a hawk ... for a LONG TIME. So long, in fact, that I suggested we just put a pull-up on Christian so he'd go (he hadn't peed all morning, so we KNEW he had a full bladder). At long last ... at long, long last, Christian started going pee and Jonathan captured it in the red cup.

So we praised Christian like crazy and gave him chocolate chips. Our motto, after all, is "chocolate for pee pee.

But, wait ... the success doesn't end there!!

Between waking up from naptime and dinner, Christian hadn't peed. After dinner, we were playing around - ever watchful to see when Christian indicated he might be ready. I was out of the room when Jonthan whistled for me to come.

And here's what happened:

Christian, "Want to go pee pee."

Jonathan, "Oh, okay!"

Christian, "Pull down my underware."

Jonathan pulls it down.

Christian, "Get the red cup"

Ever handy, Jonathan positioned the red cup ... and Christian peed in the red cup!

AT LAST! He recoginzed he had to pee, he told us, and he peed. He actually peed!

I can't tell you how absolutely thrilled we were!! He got lots of hugs and kisses and praise ... and of course chocolate chips!!

We are VERY HOPEFUL that this evening marks the beginning of continued success.


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