Thursday, March 3, 2011

Daisy Mountain Railroad

This past weekend, we drove up to Anthem, a town north of Phoenix, to check out the Daisy Mountain Railroad. It's a cute little mini-train that travels around a large community park.

Given Christian's obsession with all things vehicular - planes, trains and automobiles - we knew it would be a thrill for our little kiddo.

He loved the train, and he loved the park with its awesome playground and exciting play structures with multiple slides.

Over the past few weeks, Christian has certainly become more adventurous. I used to describe him as a child who didn't take risks ... who wasn't too adventurous. Little by little, he's been getting used to slides, and at school we'd occasionally hear that he'd gone down the slide by himself.

On Friday night, we went to Chick-fil-A and they had a play structure where the kiddos could climb to the top and then go down a tube slide. I went with Christian the first time (yes, a full-sized mommy in a structure designed for small children - crazy, I know), and then after that, he went up all by himself - over and over again. Jonathan and I sat watching in shock. Since when did our little boy get such a sense of adventure?

At the playground in Anthem, there were some pretty tall tube slides, and Christian loved them.

That's my boy ... now filled with adventure!!

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