Thursday, March 3, 2011

Delusions of Grandeur and Moments of Surprise

Two nights in a row of Christian peeing in the red cup had me awfully excited and hopeful. I thought he'd start doing it nearly every time ... I thought he'd tell his teacher at school when he had to go to the bathroom. I thought we were all set for complete - and rapid - success.

Um ... no. Yesterday at school, he had two accidents. Last night, he refused to pee in the cup and just played around about the whole topic of going pee.

This morning, he woke up with a dry diaper ... and when I picked him up at school at noon, he was STILL DRY.

We got home from school, and he told me he needed to go potty. He was really giddy about it, so I assumed he was just playing around. I give him the choice of the potty or the red cup. He chose the red cup, and actually peed in it.

HOLY COW! He held his urine all night, and all morning. He could have peed into his pull-up at any time, but he waited ... and he told me ... and he went into his cup.

So, lesson learned: it's a process. There will be successes, and there will be setbacks. There will be good days, and not-so-good days. One success doesn't mean total success, and one failure doesn't mean total failure.

And as my sister likes to tell me, "I can assure you Christian won't be going to high school in diapers."

An update: Christian also came up to me after his nap and told me he wanted to go pee pee in the red cup ... and he did and got the usual supply of chocolate chips. A few minutes later, he told me he wanted to go pee pee ... and I thought surely all he was trying to do was get chocolate. Sure enough, he produced more pee! And hence, he got more chocolate. He tried really hard a couple of more times during the next couple of hours - but nothing came out (what was left??). So, it appears that chocolate is a FABULOUS motivator! :)

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