Monday, March 7, 2011

C H O C O L A T E is a Miracle

Why are these parents so darn tootin' happy?

Because chocolate is a miracle, I tell ya!

Chocolate is a huge motivator around here. This weekend, I asked Christian, "How do you get chocolate?" The answer should have been, "Go pee pee." But, he cracked us up when his answer was, "Open the package." Ah, toddlers ... they are so literal. "Why yes, you open the package to get chocolate. But, to get chocolate you have to go pee pee."

What a difference a week makes. Last weekend was full-force potty training: underwear all the time. A few accidents ...

But all last week, and this weekend, Christian has been a pro at peeing in the red cup ... and even telling us when he needs to go. We haven't had a single accident.

Christian is still wearing pull-ups at bedtimes. Overnight, he's been consistently dry. But, during the day at nap time, he'll usually pee while sleeping - and naptime is when he usually poops. We'll tackle the pooping issue (both at nap time and during waking hours) a bit later down the road.

Today was especially exciting for us. Before the boys headed out to Muffin Monday, I asked Christian if he wanted to pee - assuming he didn't because he'd already peed out everything from overnight. But he said yes, and then said, "Want to pee on the potty!!"

Be still my beating heart ... he ASKED to go pee on the potty. And HE DID! When the boys returned home, he asked again, "Want to go pee pee on the potty." AND HE DID ... AGAIN!

Hopefully doing so today will help him to pee in the potty at school this week.

We couldn't be more pleased with the rapid progress our lil' guy is making!!! And it is all because he's motivated to get those chocolate chips!!!

The nice thing is that the school has started billing us for the preschool classroom that he'll be moving up to once they are satisfied with his level of potty training. And that is almost a full $100 off each month. NICE!

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