Saturday, March 12, 2011

Peter Piper Pizza

We live five minutes away from a Peter Piper Pizza, and at long last, we decided it was time to visit for the first time.

We weren't sure how Christian would react, as it's a busy, noisy place. But, he loved it! He wasn't frightened by all the activity of the other kids, and he didn't cover his ears from all the noise. A few months ago, he would have begged us to go home.

He surprised us by heading to the arcade area, not caring where we were (we were always with him, of course). He loved seeing all the games and bright lights ... loved watching the other kids run all over the place.

He even wanted to get on the mini merry-go-round. I held his hand the first time and walked with him, but after that, he let go and was happy to do it by himself. And so afterwards, we fetched papa so he could see.

We are so pleased that he's breaking out of his shell and exploring the world!

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