Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sitting High

For a while now, Christian has been sitting in a regular chair at dinner. He outgrew the seat we had for him that put him at the level of the table, and we don't have a booster seat.

Tonight, Christian informed us he was going to get his "red pillow" and he got down and walked away. Jonathan and I were confused: #1: What red pillow and #2, why wasn't he wanting one of us to go with him (he usually insists somebody goes with him to get something).

He returned with the red pillow from his bed, put it on his chair and got back in - sitting a couple inches higher.

We were impressed! We've never put anything in his chair to get him up higher, so the idea was his, and his alone.

He sat there for a bit, rather pleased with his accomplishment. After a few minutes, he said, "Get the white pillow." So, he got down ... walked to his room again and returned with a large, white pillow and put it on his chair to get himself even higher up.

What an industrious little lad!!

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