Thursday, June 30, 2011

Christian's Restaurant

Yesterday at school, Christian created a "restaurant" out of Legos. His class was in a different room when I picked him up and I noticed this structure in his cubby when I picked up his lunchbox.

When I picked him up, Miss Jo asked if I'd see what was in his cubby and noted Christian made all by himself and told her it was a restaurant. Aww!

I asked her if it could stay in his cubby until the next morning so I could take a picture of it, and she agreed.

Today we arrived at school with camera in hand. We walked into Christians's classroom and he lit up when he saw his restaurant masterpiece! And he was thrilled when I asked him to sit with his restaurant at the table so I could take pictures.

He told me, "Its my restaurant. Its beautiful!" What a kid! I agreed with him that it was beautiful and told him I really liked the red flowers."

Miss Jo told me that its a nice step forward that he actually gave a name to his awesome creation.

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