Friday, July 1, 2011

"Coffee is soooo good!"

Christian has always been fascinated with his Papa's coffee. He loves to get really close to a cup of coffeen, take a big sniff and say, "Mmmmm!"

Christian decided he'd like to try some and did the "finger test." As we've seen him do many times in the past (say, with lemons or sparkling water), his initial reaction was a funny face ... but then he went back for more.

And Christian proclaimed, "Coffee is soooo good!"

What was especially cute is the way Christian shared the tastes with his Papa. He'd dip his finger into the coffee, have a taste and say, "One for me ..." and then dip his finger back in, and gave the next sample to Papa, "One for you ."

After he was done sampling the coffee, Christian came to my lap so I could read him a book. Gotta say, it was kind of weird to have my three year old breathing on me with "coffee breath."

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