Saturday, July 2, 2011

Congratulations to Auntie Liz!

We'd like to congratulate my sister, Liz, on taking a leap of faith and leaving her job of 11 years to take a new, and very different job.

Liz is now working for the Gila River Indian Community as a Hydrologist. It will be a different job in a a very different work environment. The Gila River Indian Community is a sovereign nation and has their own government, and way of doing things. She certainly has a lot to learn.

Most of all, we are delighted that she picked a job that will keep her here in the Phoenix area! Christian LOVES his Auntie Liz and would have been crushed had she moved away.

Liz spent some time with us this weekend, and read Christian's bedtime books to him.

Congratulations, Liz!!

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